The curious case of why Thais ask where you study
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The curious case of why Thais ask where you study

I was out for a stroll and I met a middle-aged person who, I think, knows my family. Without time being wasted, she asked "where do you study?" Where, not what.

Part of the reason why Thais ask "where" probably stems from the fact that they are a collective society, which means conformity and connections are very important. It's safe to assume that people who went to the same school would "favor" people from their school when applying for jobs or asking for favors. Of course, discriminating people who went to "different," probably "inferior" even, does happen.

You often see people getting upset over not getting into their desired college because a) it would disappoint their family and b) makes they look bad because they're not "good" enough to get in there. Some study at their second choice and try to get in their desired place next year - which is a waste of time if you ask me - also money.

Back to the topic. If I go through a script and answer "I study at x," they would say "why won't you go to $better_college." So now I'm getting interrogated by a middle aged lady who just want to assert her opinion that a) I'm not good enough and b) $her_kids are better than me.

As if all this is not traumatized enough, they will also ask (if you've known to be a bright spark) "why don't you study medicine so you can help people and get good karma." Because that's not what I like. Simple as that. Studying medicine is not for everyone and even if I can get myself a med degree it doesn't mean I have to take it.

It is not uncommon either for parent(s) to force their child to take x degree because "it pays better and people will respect you." A lot of fresh graduates end up taking another degree for themselves. A tragic story because all the time and money for fulfilling their parents desire are down the drain.

There. It's all out. Now let me go for a stroll in peace.